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Platinum Care
By Miami Pediatrics

One of the most significant benefits of joining Platinum Care by Miami Pediatrics, is your access to healthcare.  This efficiency is based on the premise that the membership is small allowing the dedicated staff to cater to all your child's medical needs.

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Annual Fee

There is an annual fee which allows us to limit the size of the practice, and increase individualized attention, care, and availability. The annual fee is not in lieu of insurance as it does not cover any medical services, but rather allows our physicians to keep the practice small and guarantee the access you desire.  Medical services will be charged to your insurance carrier, in-network, and this is handled by our billing team. You will also still need health insurance to cover visits to other specialists’ offices, hospitals, diagnostic imaging, and pharmacies.


If you would like to enjoy all the benefits of a concierge practice, please contact us.  We’d be glad to discuss our unique approach to personalizing your child’s health.

First Child              $3000.00
Second Child        $2000.00
Third Child            $1500.00
Fourth+ Child       Please contact the office

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Frequently Asked Questions


How many patients will the concierge practice accept?

All will be accepted within the family group (see fees). The goal is to have a limited number of patients in the program and when the quota is filled the panel will be closed. This will allow for time to offer more personalized care.


How will you ensure enhanced accessibility?

With a substantially smaller number of relationships to maintain, we will be available to you when you need us. For your convenience, we may be reached in office during regular business hours or after hours via our Platinum Care direct line.


What services will I receive for the annual fee?

Convenient scheduling, same or next-day appointments, 24/7 physician availability, telehealth

consultations, unhurried visits, enhanced coordination with specialists, guided hospital

admissions, travel medicine services, and more.


Will I still need health insurance?

Yes. Your health insurance will be necessary for medical services, as well as for services outside our office, such as specialist visits, hospitalization, newborn hospital visits, lab tests, imaging, and prescriptions.


Is the annual fee tax deductible?

If your employer has a “Cafeteria Plan," the membership fee may be reimbursable. Using a Cafeteria Plan or a Health Savings Account may allow membership fees to be paid with pre-tax dollars. You should review these and other options with your benefits manager, tax advisor, and/or insurance agent.


(305) 864-5642



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